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Oct.13-Feb.23  THE COURSE FOR NEW STUDENTS IN 2021-22 
The course for new students will take place at Shiboku Studio
in Tel Aviv. Below is the information.

1) Oct.13-Feb.23

2) Wednesdays,10:00-12:00

3) 20 meetings/4000NIS

4) Shiboku Studio:43 Levanda St. Tel Aviv

*After the first lesson of the course,you can decide if you want to take the course or not.

Oct.-Mar.  THE NEW COURSES 2020-2021 
* Sundays........10:00-12:00,Oct.11~Feb.28
* Tuesdays.......11:00-13:00,Oct.12~Mar.2
* Wednesdays.....10:00-12:00,Oct.13~Mar.3
* Fridays........10:00-12:00,Oct.16~Mar.5

2) 170NIS/lesson
3200NIS for the whole course(20 meetings)

* The lesson will be on zoom.
* We'll arrange one face to face meeting for a guidance of zoom lesson at Shiboku studio(43 Levanda St. Tel Aviv)
* It's possible to take the first lesson of the course(170NIS) and then you can decide if you want to join the whole course or not.